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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services in Wood Dale, Elk Grove Village, Addison

The indoor environment is one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a range of health concerns, from allergies and asthma to serious respiratory problems. Flow-Rite Heating and Cooling offer indoor air quality services in Wood Dale, Elk Grove Village, Addison, and surrounding areas, which will help you maintain a healthy indoor environment for your family.

Indoor Air Quality Impact on Your Health and Comfort

Indoor air pollutants can cause a variety of health concerns, from mild annoyances such as headaches and fatigue to more serious problems like asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and difficulty breathing. Many people don’t realize that indoor air quality can be just as bad—or worse—than outdoor air quality.

Children with asthmas are at a greater risk for indoor air quality issues. If you have a child with asthma, it is important to keep indoor dust and allergens at bay by going over your home’s indoor air quality regularly.

Not only can poor indoor air quality cause allergies and asthma attacks, but indoor air pollutants can also lead to lower academic performance and higher absenteeism rates.

The EPA reports that the concentrations of many indoor air pollutants are two to five times higher than outdoor levels. And since we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, it’s important to take steps to improve indoor air quality.

Some common sources of indoor air pollution include:

  • Smoking
  • Carpeting and upholstery
  • Household cleaning products
  • Fumes from paints, varnishes, and other solvents
  • Radon
  • Mold

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

At Flow-Rite Heating and Cooling in Wood Dale, we offer indoor air quality services like indoor air quality testing, humidifiers, duct cleaning, and filter replacement. We can also help you assess your home for possible mold problems or tell you how to properly care for indoor plants—another way to improve indoor air quality.

Every house is different, so it’s important to work with a professional who can help you find the best way to improve indoor air quality in your home. We offer a complete line of indoor air quality products and services in Wood Dale, Elk Grove Village, Addison, and surrounding areas, for both commercial and residential properties.

Schedule your free indoor air quality assessment today to find out how indoor air can affect you, your family, and the overall well-being of your home.


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